Saturday, October 9, 2010

A mysql inmigrant in an Oracle world

Last few years I've been living in MySQL. A quiet city full of good food and nice people.

Two months ago I had to relocate to Oracle, a "fast-food-city" where people forget what they are and become slaves of projects, budgets, estimates and more parasitic MBA vocabulary.

Life style is quite different, even if both cities are close to each other. Just one switch away.

Beeing I MySQL citizen the first thing I tried to do was to go to the Oracle's city council and sign up for a new database. What a surprise when the public servant ignored me. I was so upset that I didn't known what to do. Fortunatly a gentle citizien next to me laughted and heading to me with a smile in his face said:

- "I couldn't avoid hearing your conversation. You are new in the city, right?"

- "Yes am I" replied. "I just arrived in the city a few hours ago and ..."

- "and you tried to sign up for a new database as you ussually did in MySQL", interrupted him with an increasing smile and then continued ...
- "you can't do that in Oracle. People here don't like it. Don't worry about that, just do next thing: Tell the officer you want a new user for the existing database. That will automatically provide you with your private schema. The schema will have the same name than your user and you will be able to do whatever you like in it as you previosly could in your private MySQL database."

-"Thanks you, I was completly lost!" I replied.

-"You are wellcome. I came time ago from the beatiful PostgreSQL countryside and it was taugh to get used to a bloated big poluted city like this. Still, it's not that bad once you get used to it. have a nice day"

Now it's time to find a good server to hire! Servers in Oracle are quite expensive when compared to the prices in MySQL. I don't want an luxury one with swimming pool and a garden just something small to pass the night and good neighbours, you known, I don't like conflictive hard-disks next door. Guess me good luck!